Great Date Night Ideas You Never Thought Of!

It’s so easy to get into a rut these days with finances, work, and stress that seems to poke its evil head around every corner, we tend to neglect what we should pay the most attention to…our relationship with our significant other. I am always looking for new and creative ideas to keep the spark … Continue reading

Kinky Grocery Store Shopping

Your grocery shopping experience just got kinkier. While reading the news this morning, I noticed a trending topic that major store chains such as Wamart, Safeway, CVS, Target and Krogers are now placing adult sex toys on their shelves (I’ll take some whip cream with the vibrator please). In recognizing the sexual wellness revolution that … Continue reading

5 Ways To Screw Up The First Date Before It Happens

You meet online. You have the same favorite book and it’s not The Fountainhead. You exchange emails multiple times a day and bond over your mutual love of cats, Frasier, and pretending you like to spend Sunday in bed with the New York Times crossword puzzle. It’s meant to be! The first date is around the corner. You’re bringing … Continue reading

Top Techniques to Bring Role Playing into Your Relationship

Whether you have been dating forever or just a few months, role playing can breathe some fresh life into your relationship. The same thing can get old after a while and you need to switch things up to keep the interest up and orgasms coming. And you’d be surprised at how many couples engage in … Continue reading

Top 10 Sex Positions-The Kama Sutra Sex Positions Guide using Liberator Sex Shapes with Photos

Here are some of the most popular Kama Sutra Positions that lovers can use with Liberator Sex Furniture to enable them to get into the positions easier.  The examples shown are mainly heterosexual, but can be used with other gender combinations. Wedge- The Wedge can be used for several positions and is the most versatile Liberator Shape next to … Continue reading